Happy 50!!

Here is a card I made last night for my uncle. He’s going to celebrate his 50th birthday in a couple of days…Since he will be out of station then, we decided to give it to him today…

Here it is…

It looks feminine…and to be honest, I am not really satisfied with this card. My mum liked it a lot though…she said she was impressed! It’s REALLY hard to make her say it! She is super critic! 🙂
she she was the one who made that ’50’

I hope my uncle likes it…And yeah…and yeah..my sister helped me making this one…she was the one who made that ’50’…I hand cut it, coloured the borders..and stuck it on the card…

Pls do leave your comments and suggestions…

Supplies used-
White CS, pearls- Local buy
purple, cream and pink metallic sheets- A1 craft supply
sentiment- hand written
embossing folder- itsy bitsy

see you!!

8 responses to “Happy 50!!”

  1. I think its not too girlie and will be just perfect for your uncle– lovely incorporation of the 2 shades of embossed card…awesome !!


  2. I think your Uncle will love it, like the embossing and the colors, and embelishments !!!!


  3. Nice card Sindhu..like the way you have used pearl centers for the embossed flowers…!!



  4. Nice card ! Loved your choice of colors and embossed paper.The pearls look lovely !


  5. This is such a lovely card sindhu..love the two tone colors and the embossed BG and that 50 is really well cut…must have been difficult to do that na?…i think your uncle will surely like this 🙂


  6. Beautiful card. I am sure this would make your Uncle's day truly memorable. Loved the use of the pearls and the texture sure adds to the beauty of the creation.


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