Happy place- card for MFT Card Design superstar contest.


I made a card for MFT Card Design Superstar contest (Coloring Virtuoso category) and wish to share with you here.

I usually share all my cards on IG these days but I felt the card deserves a blogpost as I spent a few hours to make it.

Here is my card..

I started by stamping tiny leaves (from Jungle Gym stamp set) on the ground. I stamped them as closely as i could. I wasn’t intending them to hold their shapes exactly by the end. I just needed to fill colours randomly to make it look like there were lots of fallen leaves. Once I filled the leaves in fall colours, I followed Sandy Allnock’s video tutorial on MFT YouTube channel to fill the rest of the space.

I masked the upper part of the leaf carpet a bit and stamped the girl and the cute pup from‘New Best Friend ‘ stamp set. I wanted to make it look like they have to walk through the leaves rather than on them.

I coloured the images with copic markers. I also added pencil details here and there for depth. Torico’s video HERE was very helpful in adding those dark shadows.

Once I was done with colouring the images, I set out to do the toughest job- sketching. I wanted a tree or some branches sticking out from the left side of the card. I ended up sketching a trunk and a few branches. I’m not great at illustrating but was really pleased how the tree turned out. For leaves, a tiny leaf from the ‘Jungle Gym’ stamp set came to my rescue. It was a perfect fit. I stamped a lot of leaves and coloured them to match the leaves on the ground.

I added pencil details to the leaves and finished with a sentiment from‘Beach bunnies’ stamp set.

I hope you like the card..

See you again soon.



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