One stencil- four ways 

Hello everyone!

Today I have a post that shows four ways to use a stencil. The ‘Rice paddies’ stencil is my current favorite and I made lots of cards using it already. Today, I will be sharing four

Here is the first card…

This is how I made this card. (I’m only going to concentrate on how I made the background)…

1. Take a piece of watercolour paper and sponge some ‘broken china’ distress ink. (I wanted the effect to be very subtle. So, I tried not to useva heavy hand while sponging ink.)

2. Place the stencil on the sponged background and spritz water on it and wait for a few seconds for the water to react with ink. (Make sure that your stencil is in place all the time)

3. Take a dry tissue and dab it on the stencil till all the water is absorbed.

Tip: If you want this effect to be more visible, sponge the background with a darker ink. Then the contrast would be more obvious. 

Here is a close up…

Here is the second card…

This is how I made this card..

1. On a piece of watercolour cardstock, sponge inks of same colour in different shades to get an ombre look.

2. Then, randomly sponge ink through the stencil. The pattern will not be continuous.

3. Change the orientation of the stencil and dry emboss it.

Here is a close up…

Third card…

1. Sponge ink through stencil.

2. Without moving it, dry emboss using a die cutting machine. You are done. 

Here is a close up….

Now for the final card…

1. On a piece of white cardstock, sponge the dye ink lightly with the help of an ink blending tool.

2. Place the stencil on the inked panel and tape it down with a washi tape or any temporary adhesive to hold the stencil in place. 

3. Sponge the same dye ink that was used to ink the panel, through the stencil. The areas inked through the stencil will look darker because of layering of the ink.

4. Without moving the stencil, dry emboss by running it through a die cutting machine. (Sandwich from the bottom to top- Base plate, B plate, embossing mat, inked panel with stencil facing up, B plate).

5. Remove the stencil and coat the panel with anti-static powder.

6. Replace the stencil in such a way that the raised parts of the stencil are exposed for heat embossing.

7. Take a versamark ink cube (clear sticky ink pad) and press it down on the stencil making sure that all the exposed areas are inked with it.

8. Remove the stencil and pour the sparkle clear embossing powder on the background. The embossing powder will stick to the areas that has Versamark ink.

9. Heat set the powder. 

The result would be a pink background with darker pink stencilled, raised, clear sparkle embossed pattern.

Here is a close up…

That is all for today.

Hope you give these techniques a try. 

Supplies used-

Neat and Tangled Rice Paddies stencil

Neat and Tangled Beach DayFlamingo floatie, MermazingSay yes to donuts.

One response to “One stencil- four ways ”

  1. Wow! Superb effects with just one stencil! The last one is my favourite SIndhu! Love all the embossing + glitter! Beautiful 🙂


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