A bit more about myself…bloghop :)

Hi everyone!
I know I’m running super late with this post which was supposed to go live on 21st of this month. I have been travelling and didn’t get time to make a post and schedule. Better late than never, right? 🙂
So, coming to this post…I don’t know who exactly started this blog hop which requires the people who had been tagged along need to make a post that talks and lets others know more about themselves but it sounds totally fun. I have been tagged by my sweetest friend Hussena. WOW! What an honor! I was SO happy when I received a mail asking me if I would be OK if she tagged me. Who would say ‘no’ to that? 🙂 I’m sure everyone knows her. She is so sweet, kind, generous and needless to say super talented. I’m one of her biggest fans ever. It feels really good to say that we are very good friends. She has always been there for me, encouraging me when I was in doubt about my own abilities. Thanks for tagging me Hussena!  You are one of the kindest women ever!
I’ll deviate from the traditional way of ‘questions and answers’ that’s being followed in the hop. I’ll just write whatever comes to my mind. I hope I don’t  bore you so much that you stop visiting me altogether! :p
I started paper crafting just over two years ago. It all started when I wanted to give my husband a card and I couldn’t find an appropriate one. That was the beginning of this beautiful journey. My DH always wanted me to have a hobby that was completely engaging and it took me a while to find out what it was and now, there is no turning back. I’m head over heels in love with card making! All thanks to my hubby!
After a hectic day at work, making cards is like meditation for me. I have this nature of getting bored easily. I always look for something new every day which my regular job fails to give me. I get super bored and sometimes even to the point of being depressed because of the monotony.  Card making is such a blessing! It’s so inviting and there is always scope for something very much NEW.
I always had a knack for creative things ever since I was a child. Actually, the first card I made was for a friend in my summer art class in Bangalore. I was in 2nd standard then. Her name was Ekta and we became good friends in such a short time that we cried when we had to part (she was from Mumbai and I lived in Hyderabad then. We both had been in Bangalore to visit our grandparents. :)). I decided to give her something very special and hence I made a card with Minnie Mouse on it. I hand drew the image, colored with water colours. I can’t hand draw now!! I wonder how I managed it at that time. My uncle liked it so much that he didn’t want me to give it to her. He had told me that he would buy her some gift. But I gave it to her anyway. Today when I think about it, I feel so happy that I gave it to her that day. Handmade stuff is the most special gift anyone can ever give to loved ones, don’t you agree?
If you are a regular visitor to my blog , you would know by now that I am a CAS (Clean and Simple) lover. I LOVE anything Clean and Simple.  Not only cards or other paper crafted stuff but everything in general.  I tried quilling, vintage and shabby chic style cards, layers and mixed media…but CAS feels like ‘home’ to me. I JUST LOVE CAS. I am addicted to this style. I know I’m far from being perfect and there is a long way to go.
Many blogging friends ask me as to how I make my cards especially the CAS ones, and what all steps I follow while making cards. Well the answer is ‘I don’t know!’ Really, I don’t know. Whether CAS or not, cards just happen in my case. I don’t think or plan in advance.  I don’t make sketches. I sit in front of my supplies with a blank mind. I’m not kidding. That’s how it works with me. I can’t think. I’m not much of a ‘thinker’.  I sit with a blank mind and choose a stamp set or a die that I FEEL like working at that moment (I’m more of a ‘feeler’ you see! :)).  I take a blank card (mostly white) and start building my card. But I wish I were like the other kind who come up with brilliant ideas beforehand and then execute exactly like they had seen it in their mind. I admire ‘thinkers’! 🙂 I know many of you might be like me. Start with nothing on mind. Though this can work well most of the times, it is VERY time and energy consuming and then lot of your card stock can go waste. I’m learning to plan these days.
By the way, I’m not someone who would follow the current trend. I always fall behind when it comes to following the latest trends. I just make what I’m comfortable with. Even if that’s not trendy, it’s OK with me.  🙂 What are the current trends you people follow these days?  Tell me…I want to know.
I am very lazy. I don’t watch crafty videos regularly but I know I should. I love Pinterest. I pin so many cards that I want to ‘CASE’ but because of my laziness they just remain being pinned and neglected thereafter.  There is so much inspiration around in the blog land and one need not worry about low or no mojo.
Talking about inspiration there are whole lot of people that inspire me. Since I can’t tag everyone, I’m tagging two people who are one of my favorite bloggers.
Tejal – Aaaah! Who doesn’t know Tejal? I just love the butterfly and glitter girl’s work. She never fails to make things PERFECT. She has always been very kind to me and helped me out whenever I needed. She is one of the most generous people in the blog world, always willing to share the tricks and tips she knows. Have you watched the videos that she makes? Aaaah, they are all mind blowing! Go check them right away! Thanks for accepting my invitation Tee!
Colleen– My fellow Piscean (I always like to call her that! ;)) and a very kind, super talented, ‘One of a kind’ lady.  Have you ever been to her blog? I know almost all of you would have, please go and look at all the awesomeness and elegance you could ever find anywhere. Colleen never fails to awe me. She is one of the sweetest friends always ready with good suggestions and advice whenever needed. Hugs to you, my friend. Thanks for accepting my invitation!

I hope I’ve not bored you… AND friends, be sure to come back soon as there is going to be some FUN on my blog! 

See you soon! VERY soon I mean! 🙂

9 responses to “A bit more about myself…bloghop :)”

  1. Thank you for the honor….but I'm going to post late because you posted late!!! :p
    I love how awesome you make your cards…more love for you on my blog…to the point that you become embarrassed!!!


  2. Sindhu could identify with you in many ways. I too dont follow trends!! Am always wary!! Ha Ha and who told you you should watch videos…I never watch videos on youtube!!

    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects


  3. Atlast..you have posted !!I was waiting for it Sindhu !! You haven't bored ! I love reading it.I wish I was spontaneous like you..I can never imagine just creating without any plan..Its amazing how you create such fab CAS cards that are elegant too ! Keep going n Inspiring CAS admirers like me 😀 !


  4. Finally.Loved reading about you.All your craziness is charming.hee hee.I am so glad that making cards gives you so much pleasure.There are very few people who really find their true calling.Stay crazy and creative.


  5. loved reading thru it…. ur words are as spontaneous as ur ideas. All the best


  6. Sindhu, thank you SO much for tagging me! I loved reading what you said about yourself, and must agree on a few things with you. Sometimes my cards just 'feel' their way along; no preplanned concept. I know what you mean. I also agree that there is no excuse for lost mojo with SO much inspiration online at Pinterest! I've almost stopped pinning card ideas, because I've got so many already pinned. I'd love to use each and every one as a jumping off point, but probably will never get around to doing that. 😉

    I know that CAS cards have really clicked for you. You do a GREAT job at them, truly.

    Thanks again for sweetly mentioning me, my fellow Piscean!


  7. interesting story about you. I always admire your style of creating cards. keeping going dear


  8. I love the spontaneous post and how easily you have described your crafting style and Thank you so much for the lovely mention. The way your creative process works is so different from mine and I'm definitely not in the thinker category but like you I respect those people very much 🙂


  9. Great to Know more about you Sindhu love your CAS style ..:)


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