10 Min Craft Dash# 18


It’s time for another 10 Min Craft Dash!! And Paulina has great news, you don’t dont want to miss! Check what it is HERE.

For the current challenge, here is the graphic-

And here is the fantastic prize for you to win!!

For inspiration, I created two cards… I loved the pale pastel combination very much…
Here they are…

I took 7 Min 50 sec for this one and 9 Min 48 sec for the second one…

 The first card is an easy one… the second one is a bit difficult as I had to stamp the stems first maintaining equal distance and then the flowers… I thought I’d run out of time but made it. The sentiment isn’t perfect as I did everything in a hurry. 🙂

Do join the fun…

Take care!

9 responses to “10 Min Craft Dash# 18”

  1. OMG Sindhu they're are both so cute and classy. I can never take part in this challenge. I'm such a slow poke.


  2. Its great Sindhu.. dont know how u manage to make with this challenge. I tried once.. though I created a card with in 10 mins as few things were already cut but I completely forgot the color sceme. did not try again.. 🙂


  3. Both are lovely Sindhu !I am really amazed whenever I see your 10 mins beautiful cards as I am very slow at this !


  4. Such cute and lovely cards!!




  6. there both lovely cards !!!!


  7. So cute.I cannot imagine how you do it all in ten minutes!I can never do this and I don't think I will ever be able to do clean and simple.:-(


  8. These are both so sweet and lovely, Sindhu, and it is so inspiring that you were able to do them in less than 10 minutes!!


  9. Really, really cute cards in no time! I love it, Sindhu!


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