I’m 10 Min Craft Dash designer!!! :)


This is a post I should have written 4 days ago! Not getting time. Wanted to write a PROPER post, so had to wait.

Those who have visited my blog by chance must be aware by now that I’m on Pretty Pink Posh- 10 Min Craft Dash team! Isn’t that cool? 🙂 I love Paulina’s challenges and it made me really happy when I received a mail in reply to my application. This team happens to be the first 10 Min craft dash design team which makes it all more exciting. Paulina, I thank you from the bottom of my heat for this opportunity.

The DT members are spread around the globe and Paulina made a really cute map! 🙂

 Here are the other members of the team…

Paulina (Creator of 10 Min Craft Dash)
Cassie D’ Ambrosio
Jess Larsen
Lyndal Higgins
Meredith MacRitchie
Poorvi Gupta

Our next challenge goes live on the 6th of February and those who ‘like’ the Pretty Pink Posh Facebook page will be able to get a sneak peek of the challenge graphic a day before the challenge! 🙂

Hoping all my blogger friends would join and take the 10 Min craft dash to the next level…. 🙂

Take care… See you…

6 responses to “I’m 10 Min Craft Dash designer!!! :)”

  1. A big Congrats Sindhu…feel so proud of you!!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS Sindhu ! A well deserved one ! You happen to be the only team member from India ….isn't that gr8 !


  3. Hey Sindhu, congratulations girlie! so happy for you!


  4. WOW Sindhu!!! A HEARTY CONGRATS!!! It's an awesome concept, I've seen many of your submissions and I always thought they were top notch! All the best, I'm sure you'll rock!


  5. A hearty congrats and can't wait to see your inspiration.


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