A quick simple card…


Dropped in to make a quick post…Here is the card…

The challenge graphic

Made it in 9 minutes 37 seconds. Would have done at least a couple of minutes earlier had my punch not thought that it was the right time to give me trouble!

Nice? 🙂 Well… I find this card very pretty in spite of all the imperfections in terms of faux stitching and position of the ribbons!

And yes, have you guys noticed? I’m sure you must have… I’m taking extra care while clicking pics.. 🙂

Submitting this to Pretty pink posh- 10 min craft dash challenge-8

Supplies used-
White CS- Itsy bitsy
Butterfly punch- Nupur
Pearls- stash
Ribbon- Mansi
Sentiment- Lulupu
Buttons- Iti

5 responses to “A quick simple card…”

  1. hey sindhu! this is nice but amaki red main color vundali.. so inkokati chey..


  2. Your card is very very pretty …love the red flutterbies you have added and your photography is getting better and better :)keep up the good work !!


  3. yes I was about to mention your beautiful photography style makes your card even more elegant, sply the pearls in last one ! This card is very pretty loved the red butterflies !


  4. Very very pretty….Lovely pic too!!


  5. This is such a pretty card, Sindhu! I love those red butterflies, that pretty ribbon and the faux stitching. You are such a pro at my challenge!

    Thank you for joining in the 10 Minute Craft Dash. Feel free to enter once more in the “red” challenge!


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