A quick card and an announcement!!

Hey everyone!

I’m here with a card and an announcement…

Ok…So, here is my card for ‘pretty pink posh: 10 minute craft dash’ challenge 5! Here is the challenge graphic…

And here is my card! I loved making it and I’m totally in love with the challenge colours…

I took 9 min 57 sec to make this one!! Never made such a quick card before… But I did learn that for quick cards it’s better to not use two way foam tape for adhesive…I lost a lost of time there trying to peel off the backing! 😦 My faux stitching isn’t neat too… and die cut the butterflies on the wrong side! so many mistakes…Ribbons aren’t proper too!

And now for the announcement—

Many would have known already…but those who don’t, well….It’s my wedding! Yay!!!! 🙂 I’m getting married on 27th of this month… Since it’s just a week away, I decided (well…my parents actually :)) to take a break from crafting… I might be away for a while and I’ll really miss this place…. Will surely be checking out your cards but won’t make any…

As promised, will make a post about the winners of challenges on Oct 24th…

Do leave me your wishes since I’m going to start something really new and important in my life

Take care and keep crafting! 🙂 🙂 🙂

11 responses to “A quick card and an announcement!!”

  1. Congrats and this is a v pretty card 🙂


  2. Hearty congratulations, i thought its ur anniversary when you kept the challenge oops, Happy Married life and enjoy every moment.



  3. This is so beautiful! You did an amazing job with the colors and I'm in awe you finished all of this within 10 minutes! WOW!

    Thank you for joining in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, Sindhu! I hope after the wedding, you'll be able to join along in the fun again! Congratulations to you and your future spouse!


  4. Congrats on your upcoming Wedding Sindhu:) and loads of wishes to you and your Family :)…i love your card its so pretty:) these colors work so well….and the fact that you finished this in less than 10 min is absolutely amazing…i could never have done this so fast!!!


  5. Congratulations and best wishes Sindhu!!


  6. Hi Sindhu ! Congratulations !! I had guessed it when i read the theme for 1st challenge.My best wishes !
    Your card is really pretty loved all the colors.


  7. Congratulations Sindhu :)) Wish you a happy married life!!


  8. Pretty card in just 10m min..All the very best for your future life..Congratulations !!


  9. beautiful card, love the colors!!!
    congrats on your wedding, and wish you the best for the future !!!


  10. heartiest congratulations to you dear and wishes for ur happy married life


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