A metallic card…

Hi friends!

How are you all? It’s been a week since I posted anything… Didn’t do anything much… didn’t feel like doing actually…guess I needed a break!

I’m here with a card I made last night… I had die cut the flowers first and then painted them with metallic shades of fabric paint and then gave them a crumpled look using a small forceps… got this idea from Hussena…She used this in a tutorial of hers. I’m so sorry I couldn’t locate the exact post… I did search her blog and got side tracked for a while looking at her gorgeous creations!

Here’s my card. Didn’t at all like the glitter on it…Shouldn’t have made that border with glitter. I wanted a subtle look on my card but lost it because of the glitter 😦

This is a orange metallic card…

The shades are visible here…

So, do tell me what you feel about my card 🙂

5 responses to “A metallic card…”

  1. I really like your base card stock.. The glitter is a bit overwhelming but nevertheless… If you could have gone with a even more cleaner look, the CS would have shone along with the flowers… My opinion but still a great card!


  2. I love the base CsS you have used what a pretty colore and a perfect backdrop for your flower arrangement…you have done a fab job with it….don't worry abt the glitter part though its all part of the learning process:):)your card looks beautiful and that's what counts 🙂
    And Thank you so much for the mention:)


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