vintage theme card…


This is my first vintage theme card! Yesterday I received my stuff from Itsy Bitsy! They have super hand-made floral collection… I just couldn’t stop looking at them for a while… I’m so happy I ordered boutique flowers from them…worth every penny spent…

I used this as PP on my base card as I don’t have any vintage themed PP! 🙂 Deepti’s cards made out of sticker packet base inspired me a lot! 🙂

Here is the outcome…

It’s a very simple card…just stuck the card on the base card, stuck flowers and the butterflies…and glitter strips for the border….simple, ain’t it? 🙂

Sipplies- CS- Itsy Bitsy,
flower and butterfly embellishments- Itsy bitsy
Stamp- Color conceptions
Stamp ink- lulupu
Pearls- local buy

Entering ‘For the love of crafting’ CAS challenge with this card.

Happy crafting! 🙂

6 responses to “vintage theme card…”

  1. So classic.. Never tried a vintage card before.. and Thanks dear!! 🙂


  2. my birthday is on Aug 4th 😀
    when is yours??


  3. lovely card,can i know what you mean by -hand-made floral collection..


  4. WOW what a beauty so simple so elegant!!


  5. beautiful. i wish to learn stamping! m a quiller but loved ur card themes:-)


  6. Hey this is so beautiful…loved your Recycling Idea …must give it try:)


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