Tri-colour card…

Hi everyone!

Happy Independence Day! 🙂

Made this card today using the ‘tri-colours’.

Entering  ‘The itsy bitsy tri colour challenge’ and CAS challenge in the ‘for the love of crafting’ blog.

Here is my card…

Supplies used:
Card stock and felt cloth (for flowers)- A1 craft supply
Embossing folder- itsy bitsy
Sentiment- hand written
Stamps for back ground- itsy bitsy
Stamp ink- lulupu

10 responses to “Tri-colour card…”

  1. Wow this is so well made Sindhu! And I love the embossing! Never imagined it could look so good. Is it ok if I post it on our FB page? Coz it really looks fab. Thanks for entering our challenge. All the best
    ItsyBitsy – The Blog Place


  2. Sure Sunehra, you may… Even i love the embossing…bought two embossing folders and i am pretty happy with them 🙂 btw thanks for your comment 🙂


  3. the embossing is outstanding.
    lovely card


  4. Wow!! ur cards r really very pretty( all of them :))


  5. What a lovely embossed BG and fab use of the Tri Colors..your card looks so beautiful!!

    Thank you so much For playing along “For the love of crafting” #9 and Best of luck 🙂


  6. Thanks so much for all the comments 🙂


  7. Very beautiful card .Loved the use of embossing and us of tricolors on it.


  8. This is awesome and I love the embossing!


  9. Congrats on being featured on the IB drop in your email…I can't reply to your comment on my blog…


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